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SCALE: The Two Ancient Marketing Systems That All 7 Figure Coaches Secretly Use
Oliver Denyer reveals a forgotten strategy from 1927 that helps ambitious coaches and consultants (and other businesses who sell information) grow their businesses, get clients daily, make more impact and keep their calendars free.

Here's your chance to get the type of strategy-shifting breakthrough you'd usually gain from a $25,000 mastermind ...for the price of a coffee.
- By Oliver Denyer
Oliver Denyer
Dear fellow entrepreneur,

If you have a thriving business with an element of coaching or consulting (or any business where you sell information) ...and you’d like to rapidly scale to seven figures, this is the most important book you’ll ever read.

Quick warning: what you're about to discover will probably conflict with a lot of the 'tactical' marketing advice on the market today. If you're easily offended, or not willing to look for a better way of doing things, please close your browser now. 

The truth is, many coaches are taking a series of actions that directly limit their income. 

If your business has been 'stuck' at a certain level for a long time now, it's not your fault!

The most important thing to do is to be open to a better way of doing things. 

If you're willing to have an open mind about how to grow your business, then you could join the 8,076 customers who have already profited from my input in growing their businesses. 

The bottom line is this:

5 And 6 Figure Coaches Are Sabotaging Their Incomes
Almost any coach who's making 5 or 6 figures has the ability to grow to 7 figures if they stop sabotaging themselves.

It boils down to simple maths.

To make $1,000,000 per year, a coach just needs to charge $10,000 for a program and get 100 clients. 

Or charge $5,000 and get 200 clients.

The reason most coaches can't get 100 clients at $10,000 each has nothing to do with the quality of their services.

It's because they've structured their business so their income is limited.

For example, many coaches get stuck working with clients 1-1 (some charge hourly rates) and they have a limit to how many clients they can take on without filling up their calendar or burning out. 

Also a lot of coaches are simply not charging enough, so they'd need thousands of clients to get the income they desire.

This self sabotage makes it hard to pay bills some months. It leads to cashflow issues, and many coaches need to keep a job or other income source to stay afloat. 
It's Not Your Fault You're Suffering From 'Feast And Famine' Cycles
When you look for ways to grow your business, you quickly realise one thing: 


Marketing experts all peddle tactics to get 'quick wins'. Whether it's the latest funnel that's converting really well, or an email series that could generate a ton of sales.

These tactics are usually targeted at newbies who want a new 'shiny object' to get fast results with no risk.

Information overload from trying to apply all these tactics keeps you stuck 'in' your business ...and unable to see the forest from the trees. You end up on a hamster wheel, having to hustle every month rather than building a real system to attract ideal clients.

This gets you clients who won't pay you what you're worth and don't get results because they don't take your advice.

The fact is...
7 Figure Coaches Get Clients The Same Way Rolls Royce Sells Cars
If you look at how a 5 or 6 figure coach structures their business and compare it to a 7 figure coach'll see they're playing a completely different game.

The way they use paid advertising to get clients, the way they build their funnels and how they price their services would SHOCK any 5 or 6 figure coach.

However, these 7 figure coaches aren't doing anything new.

What works to scale a business hasn't changed for over 100 years.

7 figure coaches have taken some of the oldest marketing strategies in the book and applied them to their businesses to take over their industry.

If you look at the way Rolls Royce sell cars, you'll see how you should be attracting clients. The high price point, the positioning, the lead generation and the people they're targeting can all be applied to your business.

Once I realised this shift and applied this strategy to my business I got 30 high ticket clients in a single month.
These Two Ancient Marketing Systems Have Helped Coaches Just Like YOU ...Transform Their Businesses
Emma could tell you how she had her BEST MONTH EVER after applying just one tiny tactic inside the pages of this book. She helps people build ecommerce businesses and this marketing strategy generated an influx of clients within a few days of implementing. 

You could ask Justin who never managed to generate sales from a webinar before until he learned these secrets. Once he understood what was missing, two sales (from cold advertising traffic) appeared in his stripe account. Now he's making paid traffic flow like water.

You could ask Tigran from Sweden about his thriving consulting practice, and how he's getting a high ticket client every week by putting the two systems in place. 

Change is round the corner for you because:
This Book Has Been Designed To Remove The Invisible Ceiling That's Limiting Your Business

You may have read a few 'business books' in the past that offer a very generic overview of how to get success (they have a very broad curriculum, and only touch on the basics of each topic).

This book is very different from what you might be used to seeing.

It's very short (under 100 pages) so you'll be able to read it in one sitting, and instead of filling it with 'fluff', it contains a very detailed instructions so you can quickly IMPLEMENT and put it into action today.

Once you've read it, you'll have a deep understanding of the system I have  personally used to get 30+ clients in a single month, make serious profits with paid advertising, become a dominant leader of my niche, get millions of views on YouTube and get recognised at events. 

Now, just because ‘scaling’ is the topic of the book...
The Good News Is You Don't Need Some 'Secret Talent' To Build A Freakishly Successful Coaching Business
This book will reveal the way to structure your business so growth becomes inevitable:

Learn how to tweak the internal blueprint of your business so you can attract swarms of IDEAL CLIENTS, get them great results and create the freedom you deserve. 

This new strategy doesn't require top-of-the-line copywriting/sales skills. It's designed to work with extremely bad conversion rates.

Also you don't need to be the greatest coach on the planet. As long as you can get your clients the results you promise will work.

By using the strategy in this book, I've been able to SCALE my coaching business and get over 30 NEW clients in a single month.

So this book is about more than "just" getting more clients. Here's a fraction of what you're getting... 

  •  The two marketing systems from 1927 that hold the secret to scaling your business. If you look at any 7 figure business, you'll see both of these marketing systems in place. No exceptions. Right now you have one of them (if you have any clients at all) ...and if you add the other one, you'll scale faster than you can handle.
  • ​How to grow a HUGE audience without writing a book, signing a publishing deal or appearing on TV ...ever! Having a huge audience makes everything just WORK. Your launches, your promotions, your content ...all becomes much more well engaged and successful when you have a huge audience. You'll learn the trick to growing one in a few months without getting 'lucky' or needing a PR firm to help you.
  • How I got over ONE MILLION views on my Youtube video, without doing the whole 'Youtuber' thing and without going viral. There's a reliable way to get thousands of eyes on your content every day. I break down exactly what I did to get millions of views on Youtube with barely any subscribers.
  • Why all coaches should learn from 'The Grateful Dead'. You'll discover why they're the BEST example of a band who has successfully built a tribe of raving fans (and generated $386 million in ticket sales as a result of their excellent relationship with their audience).
  •  Making sales is about being sleazy and using high pressure tactics right? WRONG. I break down my '50 - 50' philosophy for making sales without being uncool, and how to use my 'natural sale' method.
  • How to sell courses on autopilot. I break down my 'bread and butter' formula for attracting students without hustling. If it feels like you're having to be really aggressive with your marketing to have a 'good month', this formula will help you create a system that gets sales when you're not focusing on it.
  •  The TRUTH about online coaching programs that make an IMPACT. I walk you through how I'm able to help hundreds of people at a time with 'leveraged coaching' ...rather than working with people 1-1. Once I implemented this in my business, my clients liked the structure of the group programs better than working with me 1-1.
  • The Exact Steps To Get Clients DAILY. Increasing your clients starts with the volume of traffic you're generating. Then it's about turning this traffic into a stream of hungry prospects, and then into clients. You'll get the exact steps to get high ticket as often as you like, by creating a system where you can generate as much traffic as you like without being out of pocket.
  • How to finally make paid traffic work. You'll learn why most coaches fail to make advertising work, and how I spend over $30,000 per month on advertising and ALWAYS get a great return on investment.
  •  How to create an 'ultra lean team' so you can delegate more.  To scale your coaching business, you don't need a huge team ...but you do need to delegate some responsibilities to other people so you can stay in your 'zone of genius'. You'll learn how the best coaches grow teams that support them. Also, you'll read about the hire you should've made months ago that could save you over 10 hours per week.
  • The most powerful tool in my coaching arsenal.  This simple, free tool enables me to give hundreds of clients a 1-1 experience ...without booking any calls on my calendar. Once you start using it, you'll free up your time and give your clients way better results.
  • THREE ways to instantly make your business run more smoothly. If feel unproductive, or that you 'could be doing more' each day ...these three processes will allow you to produce better results without working more hours. One of them will solve ALL your content troubles.
  • The TRUTH about selling high ticket programs. There's something about high ticket programs most people don't realise. Once you understand this you'll sell a lot more of them and multiply your revenue.
  • ​​How to exploit your uniqueness to stand out so you can clients in an overcrowded niche. If you've ever worried about whether there's too much competition in your niche're in the right niche. The secret is how you DOMINATE your niche and position yourself as the leader. Learn how to use all your best qualities to do this naturally.
  •  The fastest way to transform leads Into clients. If you have a high ticket program, you're probably working too hard to attract clients. 'Rip off' this method I regularly use to get a flood of applications and sales calls booked this week.
If you took any ONE of these tips and applied it to your business, you would see a radical improvement in results. When putting this book together, my aim was to avoid 'fluff' or 'padding' and only include game changing information that I've gathered after years of building and scaling my own coaching business.

As any REAL entrepreneur will admit, not every part of building a business is 'picture perfect'. To help you learn from my mistakes, I've broken down some of the worst decisions I've made over the years, so you can avoid them yourself. I wanted the book to give you the experience of having a long conversation with a battle scarred business owner after a mastermind meeting. You'll get the full story, uncensored ...with all the juicy details.

But it gets better because you'll also learn how to...
Make Paid Traffic Work
If you're relying on organic traffic to generate sales right now, you probably already know why your business isn't growing. 

With content marketing and other organic methods, you're at the mercy of traffic that comes to you. Let's face it, you could be waiting years to grow to the level you want.

However if you can make paid traffic work can now generate leads at will. If you want more leads, just ramp up your advertising and you'll instantly get more sales and grow your business.

You'll learn why most coaches fail to make advertising work, and how the two ancient marketing systems allow me to spend over $30,000 per month on advertising and ALWAYS get a great return on investment.
Attract (And Keep) Swarms Of Ideal Clients
Ideal clients do so much for your business. 

They pay your fees, they're a joy to work with, they take your advice and best of all ...they'll refer you to a ton of other ideal clients!

You'll learn how build a system to attract a ton of qualified leads who could be ideal clients. You'll know how to get them on the phone and offer them your programs.

Then once they've signed up, you'll know exactly how to structure your coaching so you can work with hundreds of ideal clients at the same time ...while getting them great results.

Your only limits will be how resourceful you are, how hard you work and how closely you follow the proven system.

With just a few tweaks to your strategy, you could generate more leads, customers and clients than your business could possibly handle.

You need to learn...
Close Sales Over The Phone Without Using Pressure Or Hype
The most valuable skill you can learn as a coach is how to sell your services. 

When you know how to sell, clients appreciate the value of your coaching and they're willing to pay more. Also they view you as a premium service and treat you with more respect.

You'll learn the 'natural sales' method to turn prospects into clients without any arm twisting or weirdness. Your new clients will LOVE the way you signed them up ...and you'll provide a ton of value along the way.
Ready To Dive In?
My mission with this book was to deliver the MOST amount of value to you at a price that made it a real no-brainer. 

This is why I decided to price the book at ONLY $7

...that includes ALL the value you see on this page (and a whole lot more). As soon as you complete your purchase, you'll receive access on the next page, and I'll send a copy to your email.

When you see an offer at such a low price, your first thought might be 'what's the catch?'

You have my word. Purchasing the book ONLY involves one payment of $7

There's no subscriptions, no hidden fees and you won't be forced into some kind of re-billing.

The only reason I'm offering this book for such a great price is because I want you to be head-over-the-heels excited about the lessons you learn from it, so you can see I have a lot of value to offer you. As you can imagine, if I 'overdeliver' with this small purchase will benefit us both long term, because I can help you out even more in future.

But with that said, I'd like you to keep one thing in mind:

This Could (And Probably Will) Be Gone Tomorrow

I don't usually spend much time teaching people 'how to scale a coaching business', because I'm too busy helping my own clients. 

However after years of huge success, mixed in with a ton of mistakes and failures along the way, I decided that I HAVE to share some of my knowledge with other coaches. 

Right now I'm testing a few different pages to see what the marketplace responds to, and this page could (and probably will) be gone tomorrow. 

So if you're even a TINY bit curious about what's inside the pages of the book, then please don't hesitate. Grab it while it's still available so you can apply the strategies to your business. 

Oh and one more thing:
I'm Throwing In A 30 Minute Bonus Training, FREE
This book will teach you everything you need in order to put the system together, but I want to go the extra mile to ensure this process is as seamless as possible for you.

You'll get an over-the-shoulder walkthrough of how I scaled my coaching business using one simple strategy. 

To help you attract a consistent stream of clients, you need to build systems that you can ramp up at will. This training will give you a high level strategy that will help you scale. 

Here's what we'll cover:

How to work with hundreds of clients at once …with less than four hours of ‘coaching time’ each week.

How to MULTIPLY your revenue instantly without increasing the amount of leads you’re generating.

The simple tweak you can make to your lead generation to attract HYPER ACTIVE BUYERS only …and eliminates tire kickers and freebie seekers

The simplest, fastest way to scale your business to high six figures …or 7 figures (without needing a massive team).

And there's no charge for it. I want you to have this as my gift for checking out the book.

Oh. And just to make things 100% transparent...
YES! The Book Is $7, But Remember This...
This page will probably be gone soon. 

In my business, I'm constantly split-testing different offers to see what works and right now I believe the price is too low for this book. 

If you refresh the page or come back later ...the price will almost certainly be higher, or the link won't work anymore.

I'd like to invite you to take advantage of it NOW, and at the same time, rest assured you're getting...
You're Getting A CRAZY ‘Double Your Money Back’ Guarantee
I PROMISE you'll love this book, get great value from it and be able to implement the tactics I've spent years refining. 

...You'll probably find more value in its short read than a lot of expensive courses on the market.

If you're not 100% in love with the book, shoot me a message (just reply to the email I send you after purchase) and I'll give you double your money back instantly.  I'll even let you keep the book, and the 90 minute bonus training free of charge.

Sound fair enough?
Yes Ollie! I Want To Discover How To 'Tweak' My Coaching Business So I Can Scale To 7 Figures!
  • I know I'm missing out on THOUSANDS by ignoring what the 7 figure coaches are doing behind the scenes. I know by just implementing ONE of their strategies to my business, I could get some unbelievable results.
  • I know the content of this book is more valuable than many courses on the market that cost $997 or more. It's NOT about one 'shiny tactic' to get a quick win ...but instead it's designed to give a complete transformation to my business that will enable me to get clients daily.
  • I know this book will help me remove the invisible ceiling that's holding my business back. By 'breaking though' I will be able to create the impact on the world I deserve to make.
  • ​​I know I can claim double my money back for any reason within 30 days, if I'm not 100% satisfied with the contents of the book. So there's no way I can make a bad decision by purchasing, because I'm basically trying it for free ...and I could even make a profit if I'm not happy.

So thanks for taking time out of your day to read this letter, and I can't wait to help you on your journey!

All the best

- Ollie

P.S. If you're in hurry and you skipped to the bottom of this page (something I would do!) ...I wanted to give you the short version:

You're getting access to a book that will teach you the two ancient marketing systems that all 7 figure coaches use to scale their businesses. It walks you through how to get high ticket clients DAILY, grow your audience, create sales effortlessly and get clients great results.

The price for the book is just $7.

You'll learn how to attract IDEAL CLIENTS. They pay your fees, they're a joy to work with, they take your advice and best of all ...they'll refer you to a ton of other ideal clients! You'll learn how build a system to attract a ton of qualified leads who could be ideal clients. You'll know how to get them on the phone and offer them your programs.

You’ll learn how to MAKE PAID TRAFFIC WORK. If you can make paid traffic work can now generate leads at will. If you want more leads, just ramp up your advertising spend and you'll instantly get more sales and grow your business. You'll learn why most coaches fail to make advertising work, and how I spend over $30,000 per month on advertising and ALWAYS get a great return on investment.

On top of all of that, you're also getting a bonus training to help you build client-getting systems into your business.

I put this page up as a test, and it won't be around for long.

There is no "catch" to this offer. You will not be signing up for any "trial" to a monthly subscription or anything like that.

In fact, if you don't like the book let me know and I'll even give you back the $7 you spent ...PLUS an extra $7 as an apology (that's DOUBLE your money back!). You can keep the book and the 90 minute bonus training. 

Click here and claim your copy now. I can't wait for you to dig in!